Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tender Story of Adoption: RED THREAD SISTERS

A few years ago, I heard of a survey regarding older child adoption that an author by the name of Carol Peacock was doing.  She was looking for information about these topics because she was embarking on a new book project and was doing her research to prepare for writing it.  We began corresponding by e-mail, and later once by phone, as she continued to ask questions regarding my experiences of adopting 2 older children.  I knew that I will probably never write a book on this topic myself, so it was interesting to help to promote adoption in this way, by helping an author.  After Carol finished her manuscript of this book Red Thread Sisters, I had the great honor of being allowed to read and edit her manuscript.

The time has finally come when the book is finished and for sale.  I wanted to write this blog today to tell you all about this book.  This book will be especially interesting to children adopted from China and their parents as it talks about a young girl who was adopted at an older age and her desire to see her friend from her orphanage have the same opportunity before aging out. (The ironic thing was that after I helped Carol with her research adopting an older child, my husband and I ended up adopting again...this time a child who would soon age out!)  Red Thread Sisters is a chapter book for kids, but would still be enjoyed if the child in elementary school doesn't read yet and could listen to it being read out loud.  Please check it out and feel free to let me know what you think of it once you have read the book...please also forward this blog to anyone who you know who might be interested in this!  Carol wrote in the acknowledgements that a portion of the proceeds will be given to Love Without Boundaries.

Below is the information on Carol's website where you can access more information on the book itself and how to obtain it.  It would be the perfect gift for Christmas for people you may know that have an interest in adoption or just for older kids who love to read!  (By the way her book :  Mommy Near, Mommy Far  is also a wonderful book, exploring for a younger child with pictures and story, the concept of having two who currently cares for him or her, and one in China. )

Red Thread Sisters (Viking/Penguin)

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Author: Carol Antoinette Peacock

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“…provides a moving and engaging experience for readers.  A fine addition to both the coming-of-age genre and books sensitively dealing with cross-cultural adoption. (Fiction. 9-14)” Kirkus Reviews
….perfectly paced…heartwarming and joyous.”-School Library Journal

“This…intimate novel focuses on Wen’s difficult emotional journey…Wen’s selflessness and determination are poignant but not overly sentimental and the story’s truths about children in need are sensitively expressed…..” Publishers Weekly

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It is with profound exultation and yes, outright relief, that we announce that HENRY has a family. His PA was issued last night. This gentle, capable, kind, determined, and hopeful young man touched so many hearts and he finally is officially on his way HOME. He and his buddy Zane will be leaving the SWI about the same time, which will be IN TIME for Henry to be adopted before he turns 14 on June 13, 2013.