Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Vacation in "Bavaria"-Like Village

Last week was our Spring Vacation. On Tuesday, I drove up to Leavenworth. We stayed for 3 nights. I took Gracie, Christy, Mark and his friend Nathan.

Leavenworth is a village that is a tourist has been made into a "Bavarian" town. There is fun shopping (ladies type fun shopping) and places to eat. The resort we stayed at is probably a mile or less from the small village. There is a path along the river you can walk on to get to town. We did that one morning. One morning in town shopping was plenty for me and for my pocketbook. One of the highlights was the hot tub. The pool is outdoor, so we spent time mostly in the hot tub. Mostly is the key word for the ladies. The boys went back and forth between the VERY cold baby pool and the hot tub. This was Gracie's first experience with "swimming". Besides admitting that, the first clue was underwear under the bathing suit the first time she put it on. I think she actually enjoyed the hot tub. we will see what she thinks about real swimming in a couple months. Darrell stayed home with Carrie and Luke. They are the ones who actually had to work instead of play last week.

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