Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pioneer Trek Fashion Show

Carrie on the left is modeling her First Pioneer Trek outfit. It consists of a secondhand dress with a ruffle added. (Ruffle is for added length...NEON green chosen specifically by Carrie herself.) Clashing is not a concern to Carrie. Something being really cool is much more important. Also, Carrie must want to let everyone know she is there. No calm prints or light colors for her. She is bright and colorful.

Above, Carrie is modeling a patchwork apron made specially for her out of REALLY COOL fabrics. The skirt (NEW) out of fabric chosen by Carrie. She much dislikes the bonnet and the button up the front shirt. Notice the LENGTH of the skirt...due to the positioning of MODERN DAY teens...You absolutely could never consider actually wearing a waistband on your WAIST. They should be called HIPBANDS now, you know.

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Lisa said...

That is so awesome! If ya gotta wear the dress, ya gotta do it right!