Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

In recent years, our house has gone from having a majority of boys to a majority of girls. It can be fun. Sarah and Carrie have had some fun with fixing hair, and make up. We had a pretty interesting time the other night. Gracie liked the tofu dish that Didi made a couple months ago, so we were trying to replicate this. Didi wanted to know if we had something to give it some spiciness. I found the above hot sauce, but neglected to say something like "THIS is REALLY REALLY hot and you probably only need a drop or two." Well, she put it in and a while later, I started coughing and by dinner time, I was coughing, Sarah was coughing, Darrell started coughing (he thought it was his cold), but I think the spice somehow got airborne and we just couldn't help coughing. It had way too much spice in it. Gracie tried to wash it off and eat a bit of it. We had to open up some doors and windows to try to get some of it out of the kitchen. It was pretty funny. Didi kept apologizing... Also is a picture above of Gracie and Didi with a paper folded thing Gracie made the other night.

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