Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Posted by Stefani today about HENRY!!!!

OH HENRY!! You really need to meet ever grinning Henry. The China Waiting Child Advocate for Children's House International recently adopted two daughters from his SWI and would love to share all she can to help him home. HENRY MUST BE ADOPTED BY JUNE 13, 2013 or he ages out of the adoption system.

To help Henry see his dream of becoming part of a permanent family, an extremely generous gift has been committed to cover his SWI donation. This is HUGE! This is over $5,000.

HENRY, male, DOB 6/1999 SN Hepatitis B carrier, some stiffness if his foot, lazy eye. PLEASE VIEW HIS CURRENT VIDEOS WHERE HE IS TRYING SO HARD TO SHOW HE IS AMAZING (he truly, truly, is!)

To view his complete file please email Heidi Hawkins at with HENRY in the subject heading.

The following is a description of him by the director of his orphanage who knows him very well.

"He is a boy who likes to help others. He is a hard-working boy and he helps the nurse to take care of other disabled children, feed them, wash dishes, wash the diapers, and clean up the public places.
Henry also has a great respect for the elder and a good caring for young children. When he sees the elders, he would say hello to them, and come to assist them to lift anything. He also takes care of the younger ones like a big brother and takes them to play a game. Henry has a good heart, who has never bullied anyone.

Henry is quite interested in English. He always finished his English assignment in time. He likes to listen to the English audio tapes over and over and follow the tape to practice speaking.

Henry also calls me Mom. He is like a loyal guard, who always waits for me to come to work every day, and holds my hand, helping me to carry my handbag, and accompanying me to the office. He also helps me to clean, and boil water. After work, he will see me off at the gate and say goodbye to me. Sometimes he can be stubborn. To teach him, sometimes you need to use both tough and soft measures. Henry is a good and kind child. After you know him, you will sure like him.

Q: Does he want to be adopted?
A: Yes, definitely, he wants the opportunity also.

Q: Was he ever in foster care?
A: No

Q: Does he like school?
A: Yes, but he is behind. It is difficult to catch up.

Q: What is his favorite food?
A: McDonald's food!

Q: What is his favorite thing to do?
A: Play with other kids. He is a good kid. He has a little limp on his left leg when he runs, but it is not a big problem.

Q: What are his favorite classes?
A: Art, drawing, singing (out of tune, but he likes singing.)

Q: How does he get along with other children?
A: Very well.

Q: Does he have a temper? How are his emotions? Sometimes a little bit, but not very much. Sometimes he is a little bit stubborn, but he is mostly very kind. He is usually happy."

Do you know Henry's family? Are you his family? Please choose to join us to rally around Henry and his chance to become part of a family. Share his information, talk about him, think about him, send out prayers or positive energy for him. HELP HENRY.

Stefani Ellison
China Waiting Child Advocate
Children's House International

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