Friday, May 27, 2011

Noah Needs Us!!

Noah is 5 years old and currently resides in a SWI in Jiangxi Province in China. Noah has a form of dwarfism. It affects his body, but not his intellect. This little boy was very sad when his "sister" recently left to be adopted. His sister is 7 years old and they were best friends. The sweet little adopted girl also misses him and has been told that her new mama will try and find him a family.

He was very upset during the adoption visit because he knew his friend was going to be leaving again. Though shy, he did accept candy from the mom and even let her put a piece in his mouth. This little man needs a family and could attend school and thrive in a family. Despite his small stature, he walks and plays, goes up and down steps.

His birthday is 12/16/2006, his special need on the shared list is listed as Microplasia. Please contact me if you are interested as I have access to some video of him also. (This little boy is not an LWB child, but I am doing this for a friend).

Suzanne Damstedt


Amy said...


I have two girls with dwarfism; mind if I share this post on my blog as well?

Suzanne said...

Please feel free to share it!! Thank you

Tracy said...

Can you please send me some info about this little guy? Is he still waiting? I will loook for your email.