Saturday, June 4, 2011

Noah Scott!

There was a recent post on one of the yahoo groups I am on about Noah and wrote to the lady who posted, Yvette, to see if I could post some information about Noah. She has seen his file.
She said:

"The little boy born 12/13/2006 who has dwarfism (not achondroplasia) was just listed on Rainbow Kids by Wasatch Adoptions (they named him Scott)! I am so thrilled, we really looked at him but couldn't do virtual triplets all with dwarfism. If anyone is interested, I have some info from the dwarfism Dr's who looked at his file and pictures. He is far down the list but I really on think it is because his diagnosis on the list is so vague (microplasia).

"I would be more than happy to talk to anyone who is interested. We are part of the dwarfism community and can also lead anyone to the appropriate Dr's etc. My email is and my blog is BringingHome

"The most important part is that he has long useable fingers and is walking. Most children have no intelligence issues and there are some types of dwarfism which have a high intelligence factor. The Dr's weren't sure on his type but gave me a few ideas. They really need x-rays, but ... otherwise they thought he looked pretty good!

"Like I said, if he didn't fall within the same year as my littlest one and the little girl we are adopting, or was our only child we were bringing home I would have taken him in a heartbeat. YVETTE"

I hope someone will want to scoop him up...and then let us know so that we can tell his sweet little friend who already left through adoption, that he is coming home too!

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