Sunday, March 4, 2012

The LiShui Ones Who Wait PART 2

When I visited the LiShui Orphanage in January of 2008, on the trip to adopt my 14 year old daughters, Ya Jia also gave me a file for another boy. It is still sitting on my dresser, his file in Chinese. I have been trying to wanting to find a family for him for 2 years. He is Henry who has been on the LWB blog 3 times. (

Here are the others that I know of that need families.

ZANE, age 11, with a $2000 grant through LWB

SHANE, age 4

LEO, age 4

BRETT, age 2 (Left)

WILLIS, almost 12, below in blue hat

GEORGE, Age 11

Please feel free to post this blog post to help me find families for these kids. I know they are there, and want to see as many of them as possible find their families.

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MommaT said...

I hope you receive this comment. We just adopted "George" one month ago, only one week before he aged out. Would love any photos you may have of him like this one. My email address is