Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Henry's Week 2 : A Nice Story


 In 2010, when my second daughter from Lishui was brought to us, there was a new Vice Director.  This lovely Chinese lady had actually been at the orphanage for many years before becoming the Vice Director.  She is the one who had asked me to advocate for my daughter and another young man who would be aging out (who we did find a family for as well).  

When I was visiting the orphanage, she also asked me to try to find a family for Henry.  I am still working on this request!!  A few words from her:    Henry also called me Mom. He is like a loyal guard, who always waits for me to come to work every day, and holds my hand, helping me to carry my handbag, and accompanying me to the office.  He also helps me to clean, boil water. After work, he will see me off at the gate and say goodbye to me.   Sometimes he can be stubborn.    To teach him, sometimes you need to use both tough and soft measures. Henry is a good and kind child.   After you know him, you will sure like him.

Today is day two of Henry's week!  Over 250 people have viewed my blog in the last 24 hours.  Please continue posting everywhere.  If you think you may be Henry's family, please come forward!! 

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