Thursday, August 9, 2012

Henry's Week 4: Helping Others

Henry, 13-year-old, is in third grade at the elementary school in Lishui, China.  He is a boy who likes to help others. He is a hard-working boy and he helps the nurse to take care of other disabled children, feed them, wash dishes, wash the diapers, and clean up the  public places.
 Henry also has a great respect for the elder and a good caring for young children. When he saw the elders, he would say hello to them, and came to assist them to lift anything. He also takes care of the younger ones like a big brother and takes them to play a game. Henry has a good heart, who has never bullied anyone. 
Henry is quite interested in English. He always finished his English assignment in time.  He likes to listen to the English audio tapes over and over and follow the tape to practice speaking.  Do you know Henry's family?  Are you his family?

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