Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"CUTE?" Older Children

Older children aren't as "cute" as little children. They don't do as many "cute" things. In fact, though it is really bad to admit, you don't take as many pictures of them as you do of your "cute" little kids. Then there is the problem of when you WANT to take a picture and you actually have the camera, they often don't WANT you to take them. For example, the other day, Carrie was working on one of her projects for young women, sanding a piece of wood for a shelf. I wanted to take a picture. She didn't want me to. She said she'd go get dressed (she was in PJ pants) if I wanted to take one. I didn't want one when she got all dressed. So, I didn't get one.

Today I am posting 2 pictures of my older children. One is of my two oldest "VERY CUTE" daughters, together at Christmastime. The other is DJ on Christmas with our bird, Spidey. Spidey is very pretty, but loud and likes to bite. Spidey does really like DJ a lot. This bird loves to be out of the cage and following you around.

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