Thursday, March 13, 2008

You Are Not as Lucky as I Am, I Have a 17-Year Old

The other day, my son Luke, got a message from the Foreign Exchange Representative that we met a couple weeks ago when we drove to Spokane for his Semi-Finalist interview for a Congress-Bundestag Scholarship. This scholarship is given to over 200 students in the US each year for the purpose of being a Foreign Exchange student in Germany for the following school year. He tried to call the rep back, but couldn't get through. So, today, I asked him if he had called the rep back. Luke said he needed to do that.

This evening the rep called and Luke is at work. He was telling me about something Luke needed to do for his application. I asked when they would be making the decision. Turns out Luke actually already HAD talked to him and he was chosen to receive one of the scholarships. I guess I'm the last to find out! Carrie and Darrell already knew.

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Lisa said...

That is really exciting! What a great opportunity!