Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Great Wall of China

Now that I am officially a blogger, like my sister Lisa, I can also have that I.B.V. that she recently talked about on HER blog..."inner blog voice" talking to you when you vacuum so you can figure out what to say when you sit down to write.

When we did our re-model on our house 4 years ago, I was left with a stair area with big walls and no ideas of something to hang there. But, an idea came to me sometime between deciding to adopt 2 daughters from China and coming home from China the first time....what about a China theme?

On my first trip I brought home a large fan, that had to be carried on every time we changed planes...but it's pretty cool. This past trip to China, I added to my Great Wall of China. In fact, I have too much to put there and have to put some of it in another room. I love being able to see things like fans, maps of China and other cool Chinese stuff when I go up and down the basement stairs.

Of course, the greatest Treasures I brought home from China can't be hung on the wall, though I' m sure there will be times when I'll want to....

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Lisa said...

Welcome to the Blogging world! I am excited to see more about what is going on in your lives!